Friday, October 22, 2010

Readers or Followers?

"Follow ME! I'll Follow YOU!"...ahahha..Is it correct? Normally we will do this kind of thing.. Visit others blog and leave that statement in their chat box. Actually I'm also doing the same thing. Why? Of course he hope that guy will follow my blog. I'm sure a lot blogger do the same thing..

This morning something came in my mind...

"How do I get more followers or traffic for my blog?"

"Readers or Followers?"

Then, I search in google and you know what I find? After read blogger forum, I realised that the most important any blog is READERS..

You can have as much followers is you want..200 followers? 500 followers? 1000 followers? or only 1 follower? but can you ensure that all of your followers will read your post? I don't think so..but I doesn't means that follower is not important..hehehe..(korang kena follow aku gk tau) but if also need followers as Indicator that our blog is quiet famous..hehehe.

Now I realised that readers is more important..How? You have to get the attention of the world, and that means the search engines.

Here I what to shares with u all what I have read to get the search engines involved

1) Get your friends to link to your blog, where your blog is relevant.
2) Participate in forums, where your blog is relevant, and include the URL.
3) Comment on other blogs, in relevant comments, and include the URL.
4) Put relevant and useful content in your blog.
5) Some search engines may index your blog using the site feed.  Be sure to activate the feed.
6) When you have done all of the above, your blog will have some weight.  Submit your blog to the search engines, for indexing.
7) Post frequently, and keep the content of your blog moving.

Is it enough?? If not why dont you chek out HELP FORUM by youself. So interesting...Hopefully I can help you how to get traffic to ur blog and answer the questions which one is more important..Readers or Followers.



Wawa~* said...

agree!! i prefer readers.. like i mentioned in the CB, ppl can 'click' on ur follow widget, and never come back... but readers, they are important.. if u hv good stories to share, they'll keep coming back ^^

salam kenal.. hope to LE with u :D

muchas luvas, wawa~*

ken said...

readers are more important :)

Ronnie said...

of course readers..... u can follow but what is the use if didn't read...

MunJann said...

READER !!!*thumbs up*

chocolate.aholic said...

reader! wuuhuhu~

Khumaera Ismail said...

pandai dah budak nie.. =P

yinkoon said...


F33Z~Hafizah~cucuatokaji said...

readers la more important..heheheh....come visit my blog...

Feez-cucuatokaji"penipu" Entry baek punya

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